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✔  You have crap in your past that you just can't let go of and it seems to control you.
✔  You find it difficult to see how things could ever be better.
✔  You've done everything right (according to family traditions, religion, etc.) but nothing is working out.
✔  Even basic adulting feels so impossible and overwhelming.
✔  You feel like your emotional baggage is suffocating your dreams.

The experiences and events that have happened in your life have made you question "what is wrong with me". You have constant anxiety, bouts of depression, self loathing, and unhealthy habits. You constantly feel like you really never fit in. Sometimes you feel shut down after you have worked through the pain or you simply have just moved on, but it keeps showing up and you're just sick and tired of re-living it all over again.

Hi there!

I'm Terri

I'm a mother of two amazing grown sons, and grandmother to three littles. My husband and I have been married for 36 years. For 57 years I was in a life long search to find answers to the questions of "why' and "what is wrong with me". I used to think that I was just not worth the effort to be happy and live the life I wanted. I was stuck in my stuff, garbage, baggage - whatever you want to call it - and I was done! I felt totally empty and hopeless. The only way I knew to deal with it was to shut down and hide. And quite honestly, I didn't want to be here on this earth one day longer than I had to. That was until....I learned how to heal.

It was a beautiful journey and surprisingly less painful than I thought. I'm driven to help you experience it too! You are meant to prosper and to be happy, my friend. I am an intuitive coach and energy healer, which means I use my spiritual intuition and powerful modalities to help you with your specific needs. Let's put a stop to the nonsense and together we will kick it out the door. Once you feel free, you will start living again, you will start to love yourself again, and you will be able to discover your true identity and start living the way you want.

My Story

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The Divinity that is YOU is a process of discovering hidden gifts. I bet you never thought of your pain and garbage as a gift, but they truly are gifts. Your experiences are your teachers and will lead you to find your Divinity, which is your true identity. You might not believe me but pain wants to come out and be released. You might wonder if this is worth your time and money. Maybe you have tried other methods like counseling but once you walk out the door, your pain triggers are still there. Is the rest of your life worth living with your baggage? I bet it's getting kind of heavy! What would you give to be free from that weight? What would you do to get your freedom from it?

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What can change?

From the time we are children, our environment covers us up with dirt, muck, mire, limitations, limiting beliefs, faulty philosophies, the sense of being "less than". Through no fault of our own, we are conditioned to view ourselves as much less valuable than we truly are.

This is what I call "the good", "the bad", and "the ugly" places that are embedded in our identity of self. We all have these parts. Some are self inflicted, some are inflicted on us. You can learn to love all these parts because they help you discover your true self. As this happens, you can neutralize the hurt, pain, and loneliness. You are worthy of love and happiness. I've got you. Reach out and let's clear it up so you can start being YOU!

I'm ready, let's talk! ➜

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